Why Is Struggle a Good thing? I have found that my best accomplishments have come, and been built, after a long period of struggle. Yet most of us aim to avoid struggle, we assume things should be easy and gravitate to tasks or jobs that are more simple.

For instance, when I first started teaching on Udemy on April 9th 2016, there’d been a major change to the pricing policy which transformed the buying experience, and this led to a time of struggle for most instructors, even the top ones. Some lost 75% of their income per month.

I compare times of struggle to a stock market crash, everyone that is affected panics. People hold back, cut spending and lose motivation. But when the Stock Market is down, that is the time when you go all-in and invest as much as you can. That way, when the Stock price goes back up, you ride the wave with it.

So I took a big leap of faith and decided to invest everything. I went completely full-time on Udemy. I quit everything else I was doing, and made a course a week. I worked all the hours to produce a whole course. I was still making very little money but I was motivated. You can see below, I made a video back on the 26th of July, when I had made just $570 after 2.5 solid months of hard work.

By August 22nd, I had 12 complete courses, and it was at that point, that Udemy changed to it’s current, brilliant, pricing policy, and the stock market soared back up overnight! It was like the Apple Stock price when Steve Jobs returned in 1997.

From August 22nd 2016 to today, March 3rd 2017, Udemy has become the second most profitable business I have had online, and I am now at just under $15,000, and $14,400 of it was earned since August.

Yet without the struggle, I would not have had the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. Without the struggle, I wouldn’t have had an opportunity to get ahead of my competitors, boldly make courses and go all-in whilst they slowed down on making courses and marketing them.

If I use YouTube as an another example, it took me two years of hard work, a lot of spending on Google AdWords and pain and frustration to get to 10,000 subscribers back in November 2016. Yet, without the struggle to get my YouTube Business off the ground, a lot of resilience and an understanding of how YouTube works, I would not have had the ability to grow to 131,000 subscribers between November and today!

My 10 year old son Harry, just this week, had a pretty bad week. He did not achieve a place in his first choice Secondary School (Junior High School). And he had been waiting 4 months to find out if he was successful. When he heard the news in the morning before school, he was devastated and cried a lot. Most of his class did get the place they wanted and he walked into a classroom of happy and excited friends, while he felt depressed and frustrated. And so he experienced a really hard time.

But this week has been a fantastic week of growth for him. Yesterday, he had a much more focused attitude, he was much happier than I have seen him in weeks, and his motivation level had gone up. And this came as a result of experiencing a negative result. If he went through life and everything was easy, then there would be no opportunity for him to grow as a person and recover from an outcome not going his way.

If you want to learn Facebook or Google Ads, YouTube, Ethical Hacking, Python or any subject on Udemy, you have to work through the times of struggle. The reason why I have achieved a lot with Facebook, Google and YouTube Marketing is because I have failed a lot. Succeeding with a new skill is one of the toughest things I have learnt. So if you want to be a successful online business owner, hacker, programmer, guitarist, if you are willing to fail as often as I have and keep going, then you can achieve your goals

So I hope this has helped you reconsider your perspective in times of struggle and, after getting past the initial shock, pain and depression, look for the positives so that you can have the opportunity to achieve your ambitions.

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Thank you for reading this far and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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