What is the most effective way to get people to view your content on a Website, Facebook, YouTube or any of the Social Media channels? The best way is to stand out with a headline that can’t be ignored. Sometimes I feel so much pressure to write the perfect blog or create the perfect video. I take hours to make it all look and sound perfect, only to realise perfection doesn’t matter if no-one is reading it.

A great headline is a guaranteed win for your content. For instance, Facebook works for you if you convert an initial reach into actual views. If your page has 1000 fans or more, Facebook will serve your post to around 1-10% of them. If they skim past it, Facebook won’t serve it to the remaining 90%. That’s why the Huffington Post and Mashable are seriously killing it online with their headlines.

The below is a Huff Post headline that definitely made me LOL.

It got my attention. That is the first stage of getting someone to buy from you if you follow the AIDA principle.

Attention – encourage their eyes to see your product

Interest – make your content interest them

Decision – make them decide to buy your product

Action – They buy it!

So what are the different types of headline you can write to get their attention?

‘How to’ titles:

Titles like ‘Learn Advanced SEO tactics’ are boring, and overused. They don’t stimulate any excitement. But ‘Five SEO Tactics to help you market like a boss’ is much better, and you don’t include the ‘How to’.

When deciding on a course title on Udemy, I try to grab attention with a great benefit.

Statement titles:

‘How to create Facebook Ads’ is so 2013. But a strong statement saying ‘Triple Your Sales With Facebook Ads’ is much stronger and stands out like a horse in a bar.

Controversial titles:

Let’s face it, ‘Pensioner’s large cock becomes tourist attraction’ will get your attention easier than ‘Pensioner builds 14 foot cockrel in garden’. This type of title gets people emotionally stimulated and is likely to get you gagging to see more.

Others include:

‘I drank my fresh placenta in a smoothie’

‘Which one deserves to die?’

‘How your fridge could give you brain cancer’

Question titles:

Questioning headlines are a great way to get people to click to find out your answer!

“Why should you be developing apps on Android, not iOS?”

“Why are Facebook Ads better for you than Google Adwords?”

“How do you get your first 10,000 email subscribers?”

Over half a million people tuned into my Live video on Facebook when I used a question title – “The Meaning of Life in Minecraft?”

This could easily lead to sales of your product if it offers a better solution than your article/video.

Great headlines are a key to long-term success for your business, no matter what platform you post on! This tactic is equally as powerful as the content you create and I share it with you today with the hope that I will keep remembering to do it each time I post something of value to my students.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a great day.


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