Do what works on you!

Thank you for reading an email from me today. You could be doing so many other things so I am honoured you chose to take a few moments out with me!

What is the most effective way of achieving success with Facebook Ads & marketing or nearly everything on Social Media? Consistently doing the things that work on you is a guaranteed way to making it work for you. Be aware of what works to get your attention on Social Media and then do it.

Now you might think, “What does that mean in terms of Facebook ads?”

What I mean is this: Do ads and marketing on Facebook that you would personally engage or interact with.

This is a strategy that will work no matter what changes Facebook makes. It will succeed despite anything that comes up. If you know what works to get your attention you can have confidence it will work to get other people’s attention too. No matter what changes, no matter what stays the same, no matter what the costs are.

A lot of business people think they operate on a level above the regular person on the street. They feel they have to market themselves like Kim Garst or Grant Cardone because these guys are successful, and their methods should be replicated.

This is a big mistake I see people making in their ads and marketing – doing the kind of ads they would not interact with themselves.

For instance, if you do lead pages and opt-in squeeze pages, do you opt into these as a Facebook user? Do you go through anyone else’s opt-in page? Do you submit your email and get these free offers?

If this works to get your attention on Facebook, then you should do it. If it doesn’t, why would you do it?

I do things that I know work for me as a Facebook user and potential customer. The easiest way to apply this principle when you’re getting started is to go down your timeline and see what ads you engage with on Facebook. Which marketing strategies work effectively your attention on Facebook? How did a website get you to find out about them? What are other people doing that’s working on you? By being aware, you can also do this to get people to notice you!

If you do things to people that you would not go through yourself, you will usually find that it’s frustrating and impossible to succeed. You may think, well it worked for the big marketers on Facebook, why isn’t it for me? I’ve had no success using squeeze pages because I don’t use those myself as a customer.

I find that experts who are genuinely helpful, and offering value immediately for free in the form of a Live Video is one of the best ways to get my attention and interest.

This technique has worked really well FOR me because that worked really well ON me.

So the key message is, do what works on you.

Do what works on you.

It will make everything you’re doing with Facebook Marketing easier when you think in terms of do what already works on you.

By doing this, everything gets much easier because you’re not stuck with this multitude of ideas. You will start to become more sure of what to do. You just need to see what works for other people and find a  way to do that yourself.

This is the number one principle that has helped me to be successful throughout everything I’ve done on Facebook. It makes everything so much easier.

I hope this principle will prove to be useful for you and will help you to be successful with Facebook ads and Facebook marketing.

I appreciate you reading this, and I hope you have a great day!


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