What is the best way to sell your product with a Facebook Ad today? Give the most value you can immediately and for free, and include a coupon to your product.

If you can give someone something useful immediately and for free, do that. If you can give it without using any sort of barrier, such as an external website or opt-in page to see it, do that.

Look for a ‘Sponsored’ post on your timeline… that is someone running a Facebook Ad. Does that ad work on you? Does it offer you value straight away, or does it make you have to go to their website to see it?

Below is the first Facebook Ad post I saw on my timeline


This Ad does not work on me. There is nothing of value in the body of the post. As a result, there is barely any interaction or social proof. Just 41 reactions, 3 comments and 1 share.

Now look at my post.


Look at the interaction – 10k views, 134 reactions, and 34 shares… and most importantly, SALES! Why?

In this post, I take one of my best lectures from my Facebook Ads course and present it in a 30 minute Live video tutorial – ‘How to get Facebook likes for $0.004 each’ and I am giving it for free. I show people the exact method on how to do this immediately with no obligation to do anything. I put a coupon code to my Facebook Ads Course on the post so that the user is in control of the purchase. If people are seeing the seeing the value immediately and for free of what I have to offer in my course, they may want to see the rest of it.

Which of the two ads offer free and immediately directly to you?

If you make something that’s helpful or funny, post it directly on Facebook. People do not like to work to get what they want on Facebook, so if you can find a way to bring it directly to them, do it. If you have a really useful article, don’t post a link to it, just post the whole article in the post on Facebook then what all people have to do is click “read more.”

If you really want to capture the user’s attention, put everything directly on Facebook. If you have a video you want people to watch, put the video straight on Facebook. Forget having them go to YouTube or somewhere else. People are far more likely to click on a video that is directly posted on Facebook than a link to YouTube to see that video. Think about it, if you are scrolling through your Facebook timeline, why would you want to be sent to another website only to have to come back to Facebook again?

If you want people to view your post, allow them to access it on Facebook and have the information freely available without having to work for it.

To build your credibility online, you want to give the most value you can consistently. You’ll see on my Facebook page that I’ve posted lots of Live videos. I film live video straight from Facebook page so that people can watch them in the moment and interact with me and all they have to do is just use my Facebook page. I’m building an audience right on my page.


That’s why Facebook messaging to pages works because you can often cut the middle man out. If you have something you want to give, give it straight to the person who needs it.

Giving the most value with the least barriers will always help you no matter what’s going on, on Facebook.

Of course the objection to that is:

“What about getting what I want?”

“What about me getting website traffic?”

“What about me getting sales?”

“What about me getting Likes?”

What you really want is attention.

What you really want is attention!

In the information age, attention is the holy grail. It is exactly what you want. Therefore put the least barriers to grabbing people’s attention and then they will be willing to do the things you want them to do.

Get their attention first.

You’re more likely to have people who are really dedicated to you and that is what you want. You want people who are paying complete attention to your page posts. That’s worth a lot more than just having a big following of people who aren’t that interested in you.

I have helped a lot of people create big Facebook Pages, but they go on to find that people aren’t that interested in them when they post something. This is because they are not offering enough value in their Facebook posts.

So always give more value, give it immediately, and give it with the least number of barriers.

I hope this is valuable for you.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this, and I hope you have a great day!


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